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Pizza Peel

Pizza Peel shovel & Dough recipe

Love Pizza?

Why not buy one of our pizza peels and have ago at making your own.

Our beautifully hand crafted pizza shovel is perfect for getting your homemade pizza to and from the oven hassle free! Made from Solid Oak and durable light weight aluminium it has the perfect balance or comfort, style and practicality.

In Stock - Buy now £75 (+P&P)

Pizza Peel paddle shovel underside Pizza Peel paddle shovel topside Pizza shovel Pizza Peel Pizza Peel Handle by Laurence Fielding Design


The AtomAu

Glass top coffee table in gold leaf on faux bronze - The AtomAu - Contempory coffee table by laurence fielding design

Coffee table

Luxury Glass topped cocktail table with a gold leaf on faux bronze base.

Inspired by the worlds unseen tension and the taught lines of an atomic model.
The AtomAu's distinct form is hand finished in quality materials to give it a classic yet contemporary style.
12mm thick toughen Low iron Glass top Faux bronze frame antique gilded finish in 24k leaf (gold on base)

Dimensions [L]1165mm X [W]660mm X [H]345mm
In Stock - Buy now £1,475

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Like the design but think the finish wont suit your interior? drop us an Email
and we can discuss finishes, price engineering and the commissioning process.

The Life Chair

The Life Chair

Multi purpose chair

Designed with misuse in mind.The 'Life Chair' has been specifically designed to fit within your life style, whether you use the back of the chair as a stool, leave that book you are reading close to hand or squeeze two people on it. The 'Life Chair' is there for you. Made from sustainable materials and using environmental varnish, it's ergonomically positioned slats ensure comfort and peace of mind.

Dimensions [L]1165mm X [W]660mm X [H]345mm
In Stock - Buy now £675

Life Chair - wooden slats and books Thumb nail Thumb nail Thumb nail Thumb nail

At Laurence Fielding Design we pride our selves on our commitment to produce environmentally and ethically responsible products this is why the 'Life Chair' is constructed with 100% sustainable materials. It is made from reusable, recyclable and biodegradable materials finished with water-borne Castor Oil-based Satin Varnish with low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).


The Bridge MkII


Mountain bike frame

The Bridge MkII Sets the benchmark for hard tail freeride bikes. Designed to blur the lines of the various different extreme cycling disciplines it is as happy hitting wall rides and hopping off buildings as it is being ridden down a mountain or over some dirt jumps.

Hand Made from T-45 British steel and brazed together to produce one of the strongest 24" specific hard tail frames ever made.

Made to order - Starting from £800 (+P&P)

Bridge MK2 - Bungalow-Bikes Bungalow-Bikes 2 Bridge MK2 Bungalow-Bikes landscape Bungalow-Bikes Frame Gusset Bungalow-Bikes Landrover series 1 mountain bike