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Mountain bike design

Laurence holds a strong personal passion for all things push bike and has done for many years, he created the Bungalow-Bikes brand while a teenager and continues to develop several of his own personal projects under this name, from custom built frames to one off components.

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Bridge MKII

Luxury designer aviator watch

Bridge 24 inch freeride frame Bungalow-Bikes 1 Dropping in freeride Bungalow-Bikes Bungalow-Bikes Frame Gusset Bridge MK2 Rear end

Bridge MK2 - Bungalow-Bikes Bungalow-Bikes 2 Bridge MK2 Bungalow-Bikes landscape Bridge Mk2 Custom steel free ride frame Bungalow-Bikes Bungalow-Bikes Landrover series 1 mountain bike

The Bridge MkII Sets the benchmark for hard tail freeride bikes. Designed to blur the lines of the various different extreme cycling disciplines it is as happy hitting wall rides and hopping off buildings as it is being ridden down a mountain or over some dirt jumps.

Hand Made from T-45 British steel and brazed together to produce one of the strongest 24" specific hard tail frames ever made.

Seoul Rider

Sort listed entry by Laurence Fielding Design for the Seoul cycle competition 2010

seoul rider - urban commuter bike

With a saddle that is designed to have the characteristics of a leather horse riding saddle, and the ability to sit two. You are looking at a modern classic. The hard wood pannier slats are inspired by roof racks found on classic Volkswagen Beetles

Unique two tube design gives a distinctive timeless design while the lower number of component parts, help reduce manufacturing costs.

The frames design is inspired by vintage Vespers but also achieves practical advantages over existing frame designs. With built in pannier racks and a low stand over height make this the perfect urban bike. The frame is designed to take single sided hub that reduces weight. The frame also has several areas for battery storage for a hybrid bike option.

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The design has also been featured in two magazines:

Elle Decoration magazine - (South Africa) View PDF of article here

Treadlie magazine - (Australia) View PDF of article here

Bike rack - Coat hanger

Bike rack Coat hanger - Cycle couture pun

Innovative street furniture solution with a visual pun on the growing trend in cycle couture.

Bolt on stem

Bolt on Downhill stem bungalow-bikes

Bolt on stem designed for Rockshox Boxxer bolt patten compatible downhill forks. Its simple light weight design draws inspiration from stems typically found on motor cross bikes.